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We have been assisting immigrants with relocation to Canada since 1994. We offer support for a smoother transition to life in Canada.

Providing specialized advice, support and assistance, for people and businesses on the move… Many years ago our founders contemplated life in a new country far, far away. Just like you, they had many questions and concerns and just like you they needed information, advice, connections and people they could trust.

Our mission is to act as international relocation facilitators, relocation service providers and network integrators. We help to ease the transition from life in one country to that in another. We’re good at what we do because we know and understand exactly what you are going through. Why wouldn’t we? We’ve done it all the hard way, with many bumps and bruises to show along the way…

  • Working in Canada

    Work In Canada Packages

    Through our well experienced network of affiliates, Soft Landings offers assistance for foreign trained job seekers. They will explain the current job...
  • About Canada

    About Canada

    Top 10 Reasons Why People Choose Canada: A country of beauty and a nation of opportunity Unparalleled social and medical health care benefits A safe a...
  • medical-home

    Medical Insurance

    The cost of medical attention in Canada is prohibitive….until such time as you are eligible for Provincial Healthcare benefits. Generally speaki...
  • Super Visa

    Super Visa

    Introducing Canada’s Super Visa As part of a family reunification announcement, Canada’s Federal Government introduced the new “Supe...
  • immigrant-home

    Immigration to Canada

    Soft Landings do not offer any immigration advice or services. However, we would be happy to refer you to our panel of immigration experts , all of wh...
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Establishing yourself in a new country and managing your finances can be very challenging. Whether you're planning your move to Canada or just landed, let Scotiabank help you.


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